• We have two price structures: member price and non-member price
  • Prices in the co-op are member prices
  • If you are a non-member shopping at our co-op you pay 10% more than the member price
  • When you become a member of the co-op you save 10% on your grocery bill and will have other privileges of membership
  • You can be a working-member and receive a 10% discount
  • Bring your own containers and bags
  • We proudly own our community grocery store and invite you to become a member


Your membership level is determined based on the number of adults in your household.

Type Adults in Household
Individual 1 adult
Joint 2 or more

Member-Worker Compensation-Volunteer Appreciation Discount

We have a program for our member-workers at the Co-op!

Member-workers benefit when they contribute their time and skills at the Co-op. We give our members-workers a Volunteer Appreciation Discount (V.A.D.) of 10%.

The V.A.D. discount of 10% can be accumulated by any member who chooses to complete a three hour work shift.

An individual member will have all of their transactions within a 4 week period discounted by 10% when they complete a three hour work shift.

A joint member will have all their transactions within a 2 week period discounted by 10% when they complete a three hour work shift.

Member Loan

When joining the Co-op new members pay $10.00 as a first installment of their member loan.

Each household pays $40 per year to the Co-op, stopping once a membership has paid $400 (this takes 10 years to be paid in full). The member loan is collected 4 times per year, and helps support the co-op’s purchases of inventory.

Leaves of Absence

Going on a trip or to the cottage? If you are away from the Co-op for an extended period just let us know and we’ll see you when you return.


If you decide not to be a part of the Co-op, you must notify us in writing and complete the resignation form at the Co-op. The loan that you have paid will be returned to you as soon as possible, with a maximum of one year to return your member loan.

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