• We have two price structures: member price and non-member price
  • Prices on items or prices posted in the co-op are member prices
  • The Non-members/guest shoppers will pay an additional 10% (added to your bill at the checkout before taxes)
  • Students showing valid Student ID pay member prices.
  • When you become a member of the co-op you do not pay the additional 10% on your grocery bill and will have other privileges of membership (posted on bulletin board-see benefits of membership and how to join)
  • We proudly own our co-operative grocery store and invite you to be a guest shopper


Your membership level is determined based on the number of adults in your household. To help cover the operating costs of the Co-op, a weekly service charge will be charged every week, paid on the first shop of that week.

Type Adults in Household Weekly Service Charge
Individual 1 adult $4.14 (+HST)
Joint 2-4 adults $8.28 (+HST)


Households wanting to join with more than four adults should speak with a manager.

If you miss a few weeks, then your unpaid service charges (up to four weeks) will be added to the cost of your next shop.

Members can offset the weekly service charge by helping out in the store. Depending on your household size, one three hour shift can cover 3-6 weeks, saving you those weeks of service charge.

Type Adults in Household Service charges covered
Individual 1 adult 6 weeks
Joint 2-4 adults 3 weeks


Each household pays $40 per year to the Co-op, stopping once a membership has paid $400. This $40 is made up of four $10 loans paid each quarter of the year, and helps support the co-op.

If a household decides to leave the co-op, that loan will be paid back to the household.

Leaves of Absence

Going on a trip? If you’ll be away from the Co-op for eight weeks or more, give the managers four weeks notice and your service charge will be waived for the time you’re gone.


If you decide not to be a part of the Co-op, you must give the managers eight weeks notice about your leaving and complete the resignation form at the co-op. The loan that you have paid will be returned to you as soon as possible, with a maximum of a year to return them back by.

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